Chinese traditional medicine culture – the mystery of human acupoints and celestial bodies (2)


The role of the acupuncture points of the human body Acupuncture points are located at the sensitive points of the human body meridians.


Physiologically, the acupoint is the intersection of capillary convergence. It is evenly distributed throughout the human body and varies in size. The minimum diameter is usually 3 mm and the maximum is 6 mm. It consists of a substance with a high gel content, which is bright and white, and is higher than the normal area and is elastic.


Due to its complex intertwined nerves, it is well-connected. Therefore, it dominates the changes in human physiology, psychology, and thinking. We can explain the role of acupuncture points in several aspects.


  1. The function of the acupoints dominates the physiological function.Because the acupoints are more sensitive, it is particularly sensitive to physiological cold, hemp, heat, swelling, and pain. Therefore, the reaction of the human epidermis to the outside world is first transmitted to the human brain through the acupoint-sensing nerve, which makes people perceive various reactions. Therefore, in the treatment of medical treatment, people often use the form and technique of acupoints, massage, massage to stimulate the extension of the dominant acupoints, thereby achieving dredge of meridians, promoting blood circulation and smoothing blood and blood circulation, and smoothing blood and blood exchange.

In the medical practice of Qimen, the ancient Chinese medical technique combines Qigong with acupuncture and acupuncture to achieve the purpose of fitness therapy. So, what is the mechanism of acupoint treatment? It is in the acupoint that enhances the absorption capacity of the special points in the cosmic field energy, which leads to the enhancement of human immune function.


At the same time, the external strength of the qigong master is stronger than that of the general people, which is more conducive to the role of acupuncture points. The smooth flow of the points and the enhancement of the airflow enhance the blood volume and impact of the meridians, which can promote the meridians to be faster and better. Therefore, opening acupuncture points plays an important role in medical patients. In the pain, people look for its main acupoints, use gas needles or acupuncture points, that is, acupuncture points or taps with gas needles, which can play an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.


  1. Acupoints dominate the psychological changes of people. Due to the physiological function of each acupoint, it has different effects on the human body.Therefore, the acupoints can directly influence and lead the psychological changes of the person. In the human body, some of the acupuncture points are closed for a long time. Once this acupuncture point is opened, it is easy to cause psychological depression and depression.Because these acupuncture points are open, the information about the psychological factors affecting the outside world is accepted quickly. At the same time, these opened acupoints produce a kind of pigment and a substance that causes psychological changes. When this substance is absorbed more, the thinking nerve will be in a slow state. It causes the slowness of thinking and the depression of the mind, which causes people’s sorrow and bitterness.

This psychological factor directly affects physiological changes, and the production of a toxin threatens human health. Therefore, heart disease, old blood clots, schizophrenia, etc. are related to such acupuncture points. Women cry and tears easily, that is, women’s acupuncture points are easy to open, and the virus is automatically excluded to achieve psychological tuning.These several often closed acupoints are: Shen Feng, Cheng Pu, Jing Men, Ming Men, Dumb Door, Cheng Qi, Qiang Jian, Zi Gong.These acupuncture points are suitable for people and are usually inaccessible. However, if it is in an open state, it can also treat the diseases caused by the diseases caused by it, such as depression, so that the condition can be alleviated and healed. When these acupuncture points cause psychological discomfort, if you are well-trained, you can close the acupuncture points with your heart and mind to achieve self-medication.


In addition, some acupuncture points, if in the open state, especially in the relaxed state, can produce a hormone that directly enters the human head, impacts the brain nerve tissue, and makes people excited. The fluctuations on the top are easy to make people impulsive.

At the same time, this kind of person is more cheerful, and it is easier to think about things. It can be seen that the opening and closing of the acupoints also affects the personality of the person.For example, the person who opened the “Shentai” point is very willing to accept new thinking, and is willing to engage in some activities involving friendship, and it is easy to make people close to people.


Its mechanism is that when the acupuncture points are opened, the cell tissue is active, and it is easy to guide the nerve tissue into a special state. Some nerves are induced by the acupoints, and are in an excited state, that is, sometimes touching a certain acupoint, which makes people have strong emotional reasons.


Where. At the same time, some nerves have been induced by acupoints and are in a state of rigidity. This is also the reason why some acupoints make people hypnotize or acupoints make people settle. In short, the degree of acupoints and the extent to which their functions play a special subtle effect on human health and mood.



  1. Acupoint opening is the key to the specific function of the human body. In the cultivation of Qimengong method, we found that the specific function of some people is not cultivated, but after a special experience, it changes the acupoint structure of his body. And opening and closing, the party caused special functions such as perspective, remote vision, prediction, and diagnosis.

If a student suddenly stuns in an accidental chance, he wakes up with special functions such as perspective and remote vision. Such a situation is not a minority in the field of qigong. Some people suddenly got the message, accepted the guidance of the information of the universe, and appeared various magical spells.


For this phenomenon, modern science often closes itself and then examines each other from a subjective point of view. It is incredible, that is, it is easy to deduct the hats of “superstition” and “witchcraft” and evade it. More and more, more and more accepted by the people, and do not know why.In exploring the mysteries of human life sciences, Qimen advocates open-minded thinking and explores and studies the substantive existence of these phenomena with a multiplicity of philosophical thinking.


With the power of the universe, we put people in the vast field of nature to practice. Thus, we find that such people, in their occasional opportunities, sudden movements, unintentional impacts, open their body’s “God” points and special points in an instant by magical coincidence.It causes its own nerves and meridians to become sensitive and chaotic, and it is easy to activate brain cells and create special inspiration. This kind of inspiration is also the acceptance of the information of the universe, which makes people have a psychic function.


Therefore, the acupoints at this time are like the conversion platform of the information of the universe, and quickly capture the various information clusters floating in the universe. This information group has materiality, especially special substances such as photons, which contain conductivity and life. The composition of sexual ingredients, after being accepted, can develop the human subconscious, that is, the function of the negative field energy often called. Thus, people can achieve special functions that are ahead of ordinary people, that is, special functions.


From these studies, we found that after the secret of the human body, Qimen created the third set of “one-point natural magic” exercises.By opening certain acupuncture points, people can quickly enter a specific state, and cooperate with the dynamic and static practice of the exercises to consolidate and strengthen the opening and closing of acupuncture points. At the same time, with the help of the second set of martial arts, it accelerates the transmission and transmission of the information of the universe, enabling people to quickly reach the unity of nature and humanity, so that the potential of the human body can exert its best performance.


Therefore, it is not difficult to see that the opening of acupuncture points in the human body plays an important role in the development of specific functions of the human body. At the same time, it also shows its importance in accepting the role of the universe.In the universe, there are usually information and beliefs that ordinary people cannot perceive. These information and beliefs usually exist in the structure of various material groups. In the discussion of the universe, we find that people in a certain state in the universe are so close to each other, it seems that human beings are the birth of the universe.

Each part of the body corresponds to a certain star of the celestial body, such as the Huagao Point corresponding to the celestial body.The human birthday corresponds to the constellation in the sky, the star corresponding to the hole, the celestial latitude and longitude corresponding to the human meridian and so on. From this, we can see that people’s understanding of the universe and the understanding of acupoints have never been interrupted for thousands of years.


How many hermits have realized the mystery and sincerity of the universe and dedicated their life.From the perspective of human life sciences, Qimen re-examined the acupoints as an inheritance and development of ancient Chinese culture. Acupoints have great potential in specific functions, different human qualities, and different functional levels of acupoints. In general, it has “Tianyantong”, and its Tianmu and jade pillows must be opened at the same time. The opening of these two points directly affects and activates the retina line and the pineal gland in the brain, making it a “three-point plane”. “, to achieve the function of the image.Therefore, some people suddenly encounter a sudden shock when they encounter a traumatic head. They accidentally open the closed acupuncture points, and the function of “Eye Eyes” appears. However, this is not entirely true.


After some people’s acupuncture points are opened, they may not be able to display specific functions. However, due to the opening of the acupoints, it can enhance the luminosity of the universe, strengthen the reception of the cosmic spirit and spiritual power, and become an image when it reaches the light foot and the gods. Generally, it is necessary to reach the “ear pass”, and its kidney, jade, vertebral, and auditory points must be opened at the same time.


The above acupoints have the functions of transmitting and transporting distant sound waves and microsonic waves. When they are turned on at the same time, it can enhance the oscillation of the acoustic eardrum, thereby amplifying the sound information of the universe and sensing the sound in the distance.The predictive function point can capture the universe information in advance and timeout for the advance information. Some people have strong predictive ability. Under normal circumstances, Shenzang, Shenyan, Chengguang and Atrium are open. At the same time, Lingtai and Shenxing are also half-open or fully open. state.”Heart-through” function, under normal circumstances, Shentang, Shendao, Soul, Yanggang, and Yutang should be opened at the same time.


Therefore, once a person with a heart-passing function in cultivation, he first opens up the most sensitive points that he perceives with the outside world. The above acupoints enhance the absorption and perception of external information, and play a role in controlling the mind and the sensory nerve, thereby obtaining the function of predicting, sensing, and measuring the activities of others.”God foot pass”, when presented on the top, Baihui, Lingtai, Shinto, Purple Palace, Tiantu, Zhongji, Lingdao, Yongquan and other points open, can promote the human body’s nerves can be condensed and absorbed The state of digestion makes people feel strong, light and refreshed, and they are full of suffocation and reach the point of magical power.