Chinese traditional medicine culture – the mystery of human acupoints and celestial bodies (3)


Second, the fate of acupuncture and human destiny, in the eyes of the world, people are destined to be born.


Qimen believes that although the fate of man has its special movement track, it is determined by the particularity of man.People themselves are not in motion at any time. Therefore, when studying people’s acupoints, we find that people’s fate is sometimes affected by the body’s own physiological phenomena. Some acupuncture points affect people’s emotions and thinking.


For example, the Huagai Cave, its opening, makes people indecisive, doubtful and serious, and the mind is too persistent, it is difficult to get rid of a certain problem. Medically, it is a depression.In fact, these people are very normal, but they are physiologically affected. They open acupuncture points that should not be opened, causing their neurological thinking system to become too sensitive and undergo a series of changes, resulting in abnormal phenomena, which in turn makes it The fate of man has been changed, resulting in poor luck.


  1. Some people’s acupoints are solidly sealed.When it is opened, it cannot be automatically adjusted, and it cannot receive external information and new thinking in time. People such as these are often prone to self-restraint, self-righteous, dying of horns, lack of brains, lack of open minds, slow response to new things, and even inability to resist. These phenomena occur mostly on young people. When a person reaches a certain young age, his Lingdao, Baihui, and Yongquan points are closed due to physiological shrinkage, which leads to old-fashioned dissatisfaction.



  1. Some acupuncture points that should not be opened automatically open.Like Qingling Point and Brain Point, you can’t open it at any time. When they are opened, it is easy to cause people to talk more and more, and the brain is not controlled by the main nerve. Talking about chaos everywhere, affecting the unity of colleagues, brothers and superiors in the neighborhood, artificially causing chaos in the gas field and bringing about changes in their own destiny.


Especially for people in the security system and those in the leadership field, the opening of these two points directly affects the promotion of the position. Therefore, if a leader’s temperament changes, it is likely that his physiological system has changed and should go to his official campaign.


  1. After some acupuncture points are opened, there are more cases of illness and miscellaneous gas.After the opening of the caves such as the blast and the gate, it is easy to receive the external disease, and its field energy is weakened, and the transmission of bad information cannot be automatically rejected, resulting in a bad fate. On the contrary, after some acupuncture points (such as Yongquan, Baihui, Laogong, etc.) are opened, the human body automatically forms a loop body. After the body is healthy, its own biological field is strengthened, and the fate of the human being changes to a good one.


Therefore, the reason why people who cultivate Qigong can change their destiny and prolong their life is here. There are many acupuncture points that affect the fate. The key is how to master the timing. When the time is open, it will be closed. When the combination is closed, the strain will be automatically adjusted to correct the fate running track.