Chinese traditional medicine culture – the mystery of human acupoints and celestial bodies(1)

The human body is surrounded by acupuncture points, like the celestial stars, arranged in an orderly way in the human body – a small universe. The operation of blood in the human body is transported through these small stations. Acupoints dominate the physique and health of a person, and the savvy and intelligent mind is related to a person’s life. It is the epitome of the cosmic body corresponding to the human body. Acupoints have a close relationship with celestial bodies, and the evolution of celestial bodies directly affects the movement of human meridians.

Therefore, there are 365 days in a year, people have 365 points; there are black and white points in the sky, people have yin and yang; in the four seasons, people are divided into front and rear; there are stars in the sky, people have acupuncture points; People have qi and blood circulation; there are latitude and longitude weaving, people have meridians connected and so on.


In short, the celestial body is invisible and the human body is tangible and tangible. People condense the celestial body in the whole body, and everything in the whole person seems to be the same star, with its unique laws and trajectories.


Therefore, there are doctrines of human astrology, Feng Shui, destiny and specific functions.Some people’s acupoints are not open to themselves. They are born with special functions, and they have the functions of supernormal people such as prediction, perspective, diagnosis and treatment.


Due to the changes in the acupoints of human beings, it causes changes in human wisdom, thinking and physical ability, which in turn leads to changes in human destiny and the environment.


Therefore, in order to study human life science, study human body specific phenomena, and study ancient Chinese culture, astrology, Feng Shui, and forecasting, it is impossible to start from studying human body acupoints, and then to explore the mystery of human beings who are both familiar and unfamiliar. – the human body.



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