Moxa-wool Moxibustion Tradition Chinese medicine

An ancient technique of healing all kinds of illness in China.

Moxibustion is an ancient technique of healing all kinds of illness in China.

The earliest mentions of it were found in a book of philosopher Zhuangzi from over two thousand years ago. It has evolved to become a very convenient method of treating, healing and preventing illness, just by smoking specialized mugwort over specific parts of body.

A young Chinese guy just from selling a type of plant earned 6000USD in a matter of days. The plant he sold often nicknamed golden grass, was Aicao, Asian mugwort or Asiatic wormwood. Sought after all over the world and especially coveted in Korea and Japan.

Asian mugwort is a must have medicinal product in your home, and the best mugwort to be found in all the world is in China’s Qichuan.

Every year at the Dragon Boat Festival in the beginning of Summer, Chinese people like to use mugwort with a combination of other plants to smoke out the house, acting as a natural insect repellent that even snakes and rodents are afraid of!

Mugwort can be boiled in water and applied to heal problems with the skin, or taken to alleviate fevers,coughs and dispel phlegm. A very convenient way to cure a cold!

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the body should be treated at the first sign of imbalance, thus preventing serious illness. Moxibustion is one such thing which can do this, so it really is worth spreading its benefits worldwide.

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