How does moxibustion miraculously function to treat diseases?

One of the quintnessential ancient Chinese medical textbooks advised if medicines and acupuncture could not cure a disease in a patient, moxibustion must be used.

Moxibustion is said to cure many of the problems that cannot be fixed by medicines and acupuncture. The text book also suggested that moxibustion was the best way to save lives by extending a person life and can also cleanse the kidneys.


Moxa leaves are very common throughout the countryside in China and are used for many different purposes. Besides being used for moxibustion, Chinese people use them to prepare soups, bathe, fumigate their housed and repel mosquitoes and flies.

Moxibustion was a major part of the medical practices of ancient China. It’s noted for having no side effects and it’s known as a green therapy.


Moxa heat is produced by the moxibustion materials which are derived from moxa leaves also known as dried mugwort. Moxibustion therapy prevents and treats disease by stimulating acupuncture points and special areas of the body revitalizing the “jing” and “qi” flows and adjusting any disrupted physiological and biological functions.

It was only after a long period of experiments and investigations that moxibustion became a regular therapeutic treatment and became widely used. Today it remains a popular form of treatment.


The fire if moxibustion is believed to be the fire of the pure “yang”. Ancient Chinese people referred to the sun as the sun of heaven and the described moxibustion as the sun of the earth.

“Yang” energy is the fundamental energy of life. According to Huangdi Neijing, or the Yellow emperor’s Inner Canon, if we rate the “yang” energy at 1000pionts then a person life from birth to death is a process where the 1000 points gradually reduce to zero. That is to say, life is the process where the “yang” energy is consumed.


The heat of the moxibustion process is different from the heat that other materials generate. As the moxa burns, it produces a special type of shortened infrared radiation. This can penetrate three to four times the depth of normal infrared radiation and thus can effectively activate the protein complex activin to promote cell growth and to enhance the immune system.

Moxibustion can also automatically locate problematic areas of the body and refresh the meridians, or life-energy channels.


The fire of moxibustion burns and delivers the heat of pure “yang” to the inside of the body through the skin. Given that the meridians, acupuncture points and abdominal organs are all linked, the heat of the “yang” can successfully reach the malfunctioning parts and remove any obstructions. It can automatically adjust the level of “yin” and “yang”to strengthen ones “yang” maintaining health and treating diseases.


Traditional Chinese medicine research institutes have studied many other medicines materials, and substances, but they concluded there was no replacement when they compared these with moxa.


How does moxibustion miraculously function to treat diseases?

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners say that every person has a meridian network. It’s just like an electrical current flowing through connecting wires of an electric generator. The 12 meridians and 365 acupuncture points of the human body are like the post offices and mail boxes for the organs to deliver messages to one another.

When they are healthy, these organs are well-connected with the acupuncture points on the skin through the meridian network. For a sick person, however the pores at these acupuncture points become natural channels for pathological excretion. To discharge the negative energy and enable the smooth flow of nutritional energy yangqi, and protective energy, weiqi, to diminish it if there is too much yang energy and to supplement if there’s too little.


Moxibustion therapy applies these basic principles of traditional Chinese medicine in a pliant way. The pace of modern life wakes it impossible for people to go to work at sunrise and go to bed at sunset and avoid the harm caused by drugs and hormones.


Considering bad life style habits people are consuming their yang energy at a much faster pace then ever before. Moxibustion helps to provide more yang energy for people and release their negative energy. This is precisely what more and more people need in their lives.


People today can learn from the medical wisdom of our ancestors. By using moxibustion, they will be able to greatly reduce the chances of falling ill. They will be able to live better and longer and enjoy life to the fullest and healthiest.


Its a therapy that help everyone in society!